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In July 2018, the SRN received a large donation from the estate of J.West Gregory. He named as his executors Dr. Sharon Cooke  and Cheryl Brown. In disbursing of Mr. Gregory's estate Dr. Cooke and Ms. Brown were interested in giving money to those institutions that helped individuals who are fighting to live without the use of drugs and/or alcohol. They chose SRN because we helped both men and women and because our program requires the  residents to live their recovery while also striving to be successful members of the community. Residents are required to work on all aspects of their life--career, family relationships, and financial. The basis of SRN is to help with the struggle of an addiction free life while facing all of the problems of "living" that is reintegrating into a life  that is both responsible and requires becoming a successful member of the community.

We at SRN feel that the reputation that we have comes from  addressing  more than just the addiction and it is one of the reasons that we have been able to last for 12 plus years. We are just as interested in helping, guiding, prodding the residents into making healthy and responsible decisions in all areas of their life rather than in just the battle for a drug free life. We challenge them to look at all areas and to be clear on what decisions will support them in having a  healthy, responsible and prosperous life not only for them but for  their family and their loved ones .
The Board of The Serenity Recovery Network would like to thank both Dr. Cooke and Ms. Brown for their generosity. The donation will help us while saving the life of the addict we will also save a family and a community. Should you like to make a donation please click on the donate button below.


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Our programs  provide support and guidance to addicts recovering from addiction/alcoholism in a safe, structured setting at the lowest possible cost to the individuals,  families and the community

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