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The Serenity Recovery Network is unique in that it is the only recovery housing program in the Cincinnati area that has implemented a family program dedicated to family reunification.  Family support is critical to recovery and is a huge part of the healing process.  The Family Program provides families with a deeper understanding of addiction as a family disease. 


If you are interested in attending the Family Program, please contact us at

(513) 921-1986   or   info@serenityrecoverynetwork.org   for availability. 

Family Program

       Angie's House of Freedom &                   Miracles​​
  • up to 15 residents
  • Serenity House
    up to 15 residents

  • Basset House
    up to 6 senior residents

Shelter From the Storm was implemented to help individuals through their compulsion and into a safe recovery environment.  This program provides a safe place where addicts/alcoholics, who are not in need of medical withdrawal detoxification, can reside while they work through their compulsion of the disease of addiction, usually a period of two to four weeks. 

The House of Freedom and Miracles provides alcoholic and addicted women of diverse backgrounds a structured and caring environment where they can address issues of poverty, drugs/ alcohol addiction, physical and mental abuse.  We offer a home environment with one-on-one guidance, 12-Step Program Participation, and referrals to outside agencies for housing, GED programs, college admissions, job preparation, as well as other follow-up services.  


The men who come to Serenity House have lost almost everything but their lives.  Serenity House is a faith based, residential continued care adult male home that opened in East Price Hill on May 1st 2006.  Through a holistic approach utilizing the twelve steps and twelve traditions of recovery, a safe living environment with mutual support is created. 

Women's Recovery House - Angie's House of Freedom & Miracles

Shelter From the Storm

Men's Recovery House - Serenity House


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