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Sunday, September 2, 2018.  See the Cincinnati /WEBN/ Riverfest fireworks from atop of Price Hill!!  Tom and Mary Croft have opened their back yard to supporters of SRN for a grand viewing of the fireworks. Bring chairs and expect to be dazzled.  562 Davenport Avenue, Cincinnati 45204. 

More detail can be found on our Facebook Page.

Join Us for Fireworks From The Hill!! 

Serenity Recovery Network is proud to announce Brian MacConnell as our new Executive Director! We also are proud to announce Brandy Lawless as our new Women's Program Director! 

AHFM Matching Grant

Matching Grant

Learn more about the work being done by
the Serenity Recovery Network.

** Prospective Residents please                       for program guidelines and materials **

Serenity Recovery Network (SRN) is on its way after - 3 years – to finishing the NEW Angie's House of Freedom and Miracles (AHFM) - a loving legacy to Angie Edwards. SRN finally got its building permit from the City of Cincinnati and the workmen are on the site. The estimated time of completion is early fall. Changes were required for the building permit, resulting in additional costs of $50,000.  With the additional costs came the realization that our capital improvement fund drive will have to be much larger than we anticipated; however, with every problem comes a solution

Our solution came when anonymous donors committed to a $50,000 matching grant. The grant is in place and if matched, will leave the Serenity Recovery Network with a fully renovated house for 15 women and best of all NO debt on the house. Now is the final push for this massive project and what seemed like insurmountable city requirements - but we are almost there! Please help us complete the NEW House of Freedom and Miracles by making a donation and remember what you give will be doubled. All donations are tax deductible. 

  • Location for  Family Days & Recovery Dinners:    
    Parish Hall
    St. James Episcopal Church
    3207 Montana Ave (Westwood)
    Cincinnati, OH 45211
  • February
    17th - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
       ​SRN Family Program One

               17th - 5:30  / 6:30

                  Recovery Dinner / Speaker

  • March
    17th - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
       ​SRN Family Program Too!

  • May 
    12th - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
       SRN Family Program One

  • June 
    16th - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
       SRN Family Program Too!

               16th - 5:30 / 6:30  Dinner / Spkr


Have fun and help support the Serenity Recovery Network!

Whether it is our bi-monthly Recovery Dinner or our Annual Golf Outing or Autumn Gala  - we would love to see you!


New Faces!

Our programs  provide support and guidance to addicts recovering from addiction/alcoholism in a safe, structured setting at the lowest possible cost to the individuals,  families and the community


To help build a strong foundation of lifelong recovery in a structured residential setting for addicts and alcoholics and their families who suffer from the disease of addiction.


Our Mission